What qualifies for a return?

Returns - The ability to return a jewelry purchase from Viridian Gold for 100% refund, is determined by three factors:

1. Non-altered or customized jewelry pieces* - A piece of jewelry is considered non-altered when nothing has been changed from its manufactured state. 

2. Condition of item - We can only accept jewelry in return that has not been worn or damaged. (It is fine to gently try on the jewelry to determine if you like it.)

3. Two-Week Timing - We offer 100% refund when we receive your returned purchase within two weeks of delivery to you. Our manufacturer will only credit us 100%, if we make a tight return deadline to them. 


*Altering or Customizing jewelry pieces are not eligible for returns and refunds.  Any piece of jewelry altered for any reason establishes a no return (at any project stage) and no refund for any timing or reason. Here's why: When we alter a manufactured piece of jewelry, the manufacturing company will not accept a return or give us refund; therefore we are not able to recoup our cost and neither are you. We can't count on reselling your piece to someone else; so we won't. And to sell your piece of jewelry to smelt only renders a fraction of money back on the original precious metal; so we don't. Some examples of altering jewelry:

  • Sizing a ring larger or smaller
  • Changing a type of closure on a bracelet or necklace
  • Setting a stone from Grandma's ring into your new ring or pendant setting
  • Changing earrings to have a new closure
  • Engraving