Customizing Your Jewelry

Customizing your jewelry is a doable option at Viridian Gold for the talented team of experienced Bench Jewelers we choose to work with. Learning more about the category of customizing we offer, the cost factors and the no return and no refund policies involved, help you to make the best choice on whether you want to customize.
The Customizing we offer is all about taking a manufactured piece of jewelry, purchased through Viridian Gold, and altering it to your needs. Many of these tasks may seem ordinary, but they do alter the original condition of the manufactured item and therefore no return and no refund is understood in the Jewelry Industry. Typical tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • Sizing a ring larger or smaller
  • Changing a type of closure on a bracelet or necklace
  • Setting a stone from Grandma's ring into your new ring or pendant setting
  • Changing earrings to have a new closure
  • Engraving

Customizing costs are kept at their lowest by using manufactured jewelry settings and fittings for your project. These items have their cost to design and produce distributed over hundreds of thousands of items. This makes them affordable. Then, the actual labor required by a professional Bench Jeweler is reduced to only the hands-on skill to remove stones, set stones, soldier, adjust sizing, clean an polish your piece of jewelry. Bench Jewelers determine their project costs based on an hourly rate. The cost for any customizing your project may require is quoted in advance as well as confirmed with a call and/or email. 

Returns and refunds are not possible for any customized project or piece of jewelry. Any piece of jewelry altered for any reason establishes a no return (at any project stage) and no refund for any timing or reason. Here's why: When we alter a manufactured piece of jewelry, the manufacturing company will not accept a return or give us refund; therefore we are not able to recoup our cost and neither are you. We can't count on reselling your piece to someone else; so we won't. And to sell your piece of jewelry to smelt only renders a fraction of money back on the original precious metal; so we don't.

We want customers to know these standard practices of the Jewelry Industry to make their best decision before ordering or starting a customizing project.